School Portal

Simple / Useful / Innovative


Ordering badges and prints has never been so simple.
Choose the images you want, enter their names, select a lanyard colour and/or print size. Follow the few easy payment steps. Your order will be on it's way, more reliably than ever.

Have your own images, no problem!
You can add as many of your own images as you like. Meaning if someone was absent on the day of shooting, or we just didn't get your good side, you can use any image you've taken yourself with a simple click of a button.

Shoot Management

Import pupil data and manage shoots
Upload pupil data for upcoming shoots straight to the School Portal. Data is transferred securely and directly from your server to ours.

School loyalty credit
Every School will receive a loyalty allowance linked to your Portal account, ensuring that you can order all of the products you need, without spending school funds.

And this is just the start!
We'll be adding a variety of products in the near future. Allowing you to order staffboards, storyboards, a selection of banners, custom lanyards and accessories and much more.