Preserve Posterity!

Preserve Posterity!

School photography is a tradition in the UK, every generation will remember school photo day and although the method may have been adapted over the years as technology and culture have changed, for the most part, it’s been the same since we first saw portrait photographers as far back as the 19th century.

Although we may view and purchase school photographs differently these days we still find the popularity of school photos a constant. Even the arrival of digital cameras and the iPhone in the 2000s couldn’t stop the desire for posterity.

However, we find ourselves in troubling times. Thrust into a global pandemic in 2020 and the closure of UK schools through the summer term has meant that in 2020, for the first time ever pupils in the UK are missing out on their school portrait. Now, you may not see this as an issue in the light of the devasting effects of coronavirus but this will be the first time in generations that parents will not be able to purchase school photos.

How Covid 19 has affected School Photography

Over 600,000 year 6 pupils left primary school in 2020 with the majority missing out on their final school photo. Although we did manage to visit a number of our schools during June and July to take Leavers photos, it was a fraction of what we would usually expect. 

We are now back to full strength; our office is full of busy workers making sure we are prepared for the coming months. Our photography team are working hard out in schools every day, working to new guidelines to keep everyone safe while providing the same level of service.

Preserve Posterity, Stay Safe, Keep Smiling.


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