Pupil Data for photo day

Everything you need to know about uploading pupil data.

Pupil Data for photo day

Here we go!

September is here again and we are ready to start a busy season of school photos.

You may have already been contacted about providing pupil data for an upcoming photo session.

You can upload data directly through your secure online portal using the link in the email you will recieve. From there you will need to download the correct pupil data from your school database and upload this as a CSV file to the portal.

This data can be uploaded whenever is convenient for you but we always suggest doing this sooner rather than later so that our team can make sure everything is running smoothly before we attend.

What is it for?

We use this data to create QR codes which our photographers use on the day to link the photos to a pupils name and class. This way you can download these images and use them to batch import to your school database and it also means that proofs and orders are easier to distribute as eerything will display the pupils name and class.

Is it safe?

We have created our own bespoke website and school portal so that no thrid parties have access to your data. Only you (the school) and us can see this data at any point.

How do I download the CSV?

You can find instructions in the downlaods section of your portal account for exporting data from your school database. For portriat photographs we would need the pupils name, class, adno and year.

Have more question?

Give us a call on 01773 717984 to discuss the use of data. You can also access our Data Protection and GDPR policys through your portal account.


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