New for 2019

Staff time saving

New for 2019

The end of a busy shooting season and as always there are things we have learnt along the way. We modified the way we deliver proofs and orders to school many years ago to help reduce school staff time in distribution. Time for more changes in 2019, especially when thinking about high schools.

In high schools we tackled the problem of students coming in their teaching groups, (as opposed to RG groups) whilst still being able to data capture for school database uploads. We successfully converted all high schools to online ordering 2 years ago, again reducing the workload on school office staff. Now we are taking the next step with all orders being delivered directly to parents. This will reduce the school administration to the absolute minimum, and once our photographers have taken all the students and left, there is very little further input the school makes towards parents ordering.

So once proofs are handed out theres nothing more for the school to do. Parents are naturally directed to ourselves for all queries, and the order and delivery process is sped up vastly, increasing the whole customer experience.

Ease of access to database images has been improved too. School is given access to images automatically as soon as we make them live from our secure School Portal, and as a Capita approved provider we still offer SIMS licences free of charge.

This service is available to new and existing school customers, to find out more click here.

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