Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste

As we came back from our Christmas break, the annual search for evolution in school photography started! In reality it never stops. Our ideas staff blog is jam packed with ways to move forward from the whole team. Amidst all the tech conversations of ‘we can do’…. and ‘wouldn’t it be great if’…

One problem that we have, which had been bugging me – plastic waste.  Every day we see that there is a worldwide obligation to reduce plastic bag usage. As a company we avoid the bags when shopping for the canteen supplies and we do our best individually to be environmentally conscious. But at the same time we use many hundreds of thousands of plastic bags annually for packing photograph proofs. Worst of all they were originally put in place for photographs to be ordered with cash and cheques and then given back to the school for us to collect later. But hang on, aren’t most school offices now cashless? We receive 80% of orders online! So they literally have no purpose and certainly have no place in the world today.

Ok, let’s just stop using plastic bags!

As I am sure other businesses are finding, its not quite that simple, but now we have made the decision we have to find solutions.

Fortunately all of our team are fully onboard and have a managed to design a brilliant solution to help school offices quickly distribute photo proofs without the use of plastic bags. Further more we have been talking to all our schools to make the move to online only ordering, which will further help as we will not be driving across the country to collect the few orders that are still placed this way. Therefore, reducing our carbon footprint.

We are proud we’ve made the first steps to removing plastic from the business, and reducing our impact on the environment in this small way.

We have the next steps in place to reduce our consumption of plastics and we’re confident plastic bags will no longer be a part of JS Photography by 2021 (if not sooner).

Great work Team JS

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