Going Cashless!

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Going Cashless!

We’ve gone cashless!

The idea of going completely cashless has been on our minds for a few years now.  The steady increase in online sales since 2016 has made it very clear how our customers prefer to shop.  But really we’ve been gearing up for a switch to cashless since we first launched our website back in 2015, with a heavy emphasis on using the website as a platform to run our business, from parents viewing and ordering photos to allowing our schools access to database images, staff photographs and much more.

Our 2018-19 photography season saw over 85% of orders being placed online or over the phone. Meaning only 15% of our customer base opted to pay by cash or cheque, and based on information we’ve gathered from customers most of this 15% would happily switch to ordering online next time.

So why now? Coronavirus has had an impact here but in reality, has only accelerated our planned change for Autumn 2020.

After a lot of effort, and coffee, myself and Rob recently launched a substantial update to our website allowing customers to view new photographs online, even before proofs have been generated and sent to school. By using data supplied to us already we match up photos the customer accounts automatically notifying customers instantly when photos are made available. With this new system in place for 2020 Autumn season shopping online is now easier, faster and more secure.

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